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NFL & College players

Does Coach Sullivan train defensive backs of all ages?
  • No-Coach Sullivan is only working with college and NFL defensive backs at this time on a private or semi-private basis.
  • We do offer 1-2 day camps on request for youth/high school defensive backs with a minimum of 12 defensive backs in the camp. Shutdown U will not be hosting Youth/High School camps at Fischer Institute in Phoenix, AZ.
Does Coach Sullivan host workshops or clinics for coaches?

Coach Sullivan offers half-day and full day clinics. You will walk away having an energized and diverse approach to coaching defensive backs and gain the attention to detail combined with practical knowledge to make it happen. If you are interested please email Coach Sullivan at to receive more information on topics discussed.

Are there any other coaches associated with Shutdown U?

No—but we do refer players, agents and coaches to other great experienced coaches around the country based on their need if Coach Sullivan cannot fulfill that need.

How do I get Coach Sullivan to work with me or my athlete?
  • If you are an NFL or collegiate defensive back please follow these instructions. Complete the online coaching services form on Shutdown  Coach Sullivan will review and respond within 5-7 days via email or phone call.  You will then receive an email with a scheduling link and payment information.  Our Shutdown U groups are a first come first serve basis, they fill up fast because there is a maximum of 6 defensive backs in a group. Not everyone that is contacted will be accepted into our groups.
  • All “new” defensive backs are placed in our “new” group in March for two weeks. If there is room in another group and it was a great fit with Shutdown U, Coach Sullivan will give instructions to promote the “new” defensive back to an existing group for the remainder of the spring and for the summer after he has completed the two-week orientation period in March.
  • In some special cases, based on evaluation and years of experience, Coach Sullivan will place an NFL player in an existing group.
How much does it cost to train at Shutdown U?
  • College packages listed below:
    • A-(1-5 sessions)- $375
      B-(6-10 sessions)- $700
      C-(11-15 sessions)-  $900
      D-(16-20 sessions)-    $1000
      *All sessions are paid in full before training begins.  When I receive your schedule, you will then be sent an electronic invoice*
    • On-field evaluation-$290
    • Film evaluation-$75 a game (You will receive a written evaluation from Coach Sullivan)
  • NFL rates below:
    • Private (based on availability)-$290
    • Group-$175
    • Film study-$75/hr
  • NFL Spring/Summer Enrollee Package (Must be approved by Coach Sullivan)
    • Athlete will be sent a Shutdown U enrollment form that contains discounted comprehensive training and film study packages.
    • Players accepted into this program are automatically added to every Shutdown U camp
What should I expect when participating in a Shutdown U training/coaching session?
  • What to bring-Cleats, running shoes, film if available, pen and pad
  • Structure of training sessions
    • 4x days a week
    • 2 groups (Mon, Tues, TR, Sat) (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat)
    • Weekday sessions are at 1:00p (Monday Group 2 starts at 2:30pm)
      • Off-Man/Zone Concepts
      • Man press-Eyes, Feet, Hands
      • Man press-Position, Transition, Ball skills
      • Flex day-Hand placement, Advanced transition
    • Expect to work on 4-6 elements of technical integration throughout the session. These drills are high quality, high frequency reps.
How long do sessions last?

60-75 minutes

Will Shutdown U teach me something different than what I’m being coached to do?

No—and Yes—Let me explain, Shutdown U is a coach friendly training environment. There are many NFL and top college defensive back coaches who send either their entire secondary or key players in the secondary to train with Coach Sullivan.  Coach Sullivan will learn what the player is asked to do within the scheme and use the language and technical integration that they are used to receiving.  Our goal is not to create division between player and coach.  Shutdown U is like coming to home depot, we want to equip the defensive back with tools necessary to separate themselves from others around the country while performing at a high level within the scheme and technique they are asked to execute.  Defensive backs will learn the strengths and weaknesses of a technique along with the pros and cons of that technique based on the receiver you face.

How many people are in a session?

We have a six player maximum with all groups during the week. Our Saturday 5am group is between 8-10 players.

Are the sessions videotaped?

Yes, all training sessions are recorded and sent to the athlete via a private youtube link after the training session within 24 hours.

Will we watch film?

Yes, athletes must schedule their film study time separately. Film study sessions involve either self-scout, or scouting an opponent or learning how to analyze film.

Where is Shutdown U located?

We are currently training athletes at the Fischer Institute in Phoenix, Arizona near the sky harbor airport.

Does Coach Sullivan travel?

Yes, Coach Sullivan does travel on request.

Where do I find travel, lodging and food information?

if you visit the under the housing tab you will find all the lodging, travel and food information.

When does the spring & summer sessions begin?
  • Spring season begins in March and end in April
  • Summer season begins in May and end in July
Does Coach Sullivan offer private sessions?

Yes, all private sessions are based on availability